Construction guide

We are starting a series of home construction that will reveal everything from the foundation to the successful completion of the house!

Architectural part of the project

Finding the right home can take time. Get ideas from many available directories, sites like: Pinterest,,, and, if necessary, ask a builder or other building professional – architect or designer – for help in choosing the best option for your needs.


Typically, an architect, in close association with you, makes sketches of the future house in much deliberation and discussion and tries to get closer to the model that is right for you. This stage of sketching takes a lot of variety, it will probably depend on how well you know the vision of your future home. Try to articulate your preferences, tell us about your lifestyle, how often you like to be at home, in which rooms you plan to spend most of your time, and so on. Only when the right option is found does the preparation of the architectural part of the project begin. Until this stage, you are free to express your ideas, change sketches. However, once the project is completed, the additional changes cause too many problems: e.g. after making a change in the house plan, it is necessary to automatically change the plans, facades, sections, roof plan, details of all floors. So, during the sketching, express your thoughts freely and communicate with the architect, and then let the architect technically depict the modeled house of your dwelling and discuss only the future materials, details, construction process.

Painting walls

Painting walls is a fairly straightforward job that can be done quite qualitatively with even a little experience. The quality of the work depends a lot on the choice of paint and tools. However, the preparation of the walls for painting is very important. More effort will be needed to extract a straight line between the ceiling and the walls, painting the wall in different colors.

Repainting the old walls  unrecognizably changes the apartment. The work is not complicated, so for people who like change and a new environment, repainting an apartment is a great opportunity to renovate a home without a large investment.

Criteria before buying real estate

An important criterion when choosing real estate is the general condition. Housing may be new construction, renovated, only in the drawings, or a preliminary contract for the purchase of an apartment may already be concluded. In this case, you also have to calculate whether you are worth the wait, because you will still need extra money for furniture, household appliances, interior decoration materials and the like. You also need to check the builder’s documents: whether you can trust him, whether the project will not be late, will be of high quality.

 Another important criterion when buying a home is the predominant type of land where you will live. It is necessary to find out what type of soil the land of the plot belongs to, because weak soil will need deep pole-bored foundations, in case of high groundwater drainage will have to be installed. Do not forget about criteria such as communication, layout and shape of the plot, as all this can increase the cost of project implementation.

Finally, our main advice would be to take your time. Consider the various options, compare prices, and make a purchase decision just by weighing all the pros and cons.

Foundations and their types

The foundation of a house is usually designed by an engineer taking into account the ground on which the house is to be built, the slope of the ground and the weight of the building.

 They will need a detailed soil analysis before the engineer designs the foundation for your home. Determining the composition of the soil provides information about the granulometric structure of the soil. According to this, we can divide the soil into separate types. After determining the physical and mechanical properties of the soil, the results are used in the design of the building, the designer evaluates the load-bearing capacity of the building foundation and selects the most suitable type of foundation. Foundations can be bored, strip, pile or planar. We will review each of the types in the coming times!

Building constructions

The construction of the building is carried out according to a project that is not possible without a structural part. The structural part of the project consists of: foundation plan, foundation sections and details; grate plan and sections; lintel plans and sections; floor plans and sections; roof construction plans (roof frame chair, rafter plan); sections of the building; floor, wall, ceiling and roof installation details; main quantities of materials. Ordering the structural part of the project will ensure one of the essential requirements of the building – mechanical strength and stability.


Tile gluing is a very meticulous job, which strongly depends on what types of tiles are chosen and the complexity of the project to be implemented. There are rooms (such as a bathroom) that cannot be imagined without tiles – here the image is loved by using additional stylistic elements created from tiles.

 Tiles can give the space a whole new image and increase the aesthetic quality of the room

Wall painting

Painting walls is a fairly straightforward job that can be done quite qualitatively with even a little experience. The quality of the work depends a lot on the choice of paint and tools. However, the preparation of the walls for painting is very important. More effort will be needed to extract a straight line between the ceiling and the walls, painting the wall in different colours.

Repainting the old walls # unrecognizably changes the apartment. The work is not complicated, so for people who like change and a new environment, repainting an apartment is a great opportunity to renovate a home without a large investment.

Bathroom decoration: what to know when choosing?

Everyone would like to have not only a comfortable but also a beautiful bathroom. Probably for this reason, homeowners often do not shy away from purchasing the most unexpected bathroom accessories. Still, the most important thing is to consider the function of these accessories and only then think about their aesthetic effect on the entire bathroom. Often, when designing a bathroom interior, the question arises as to what to buy. It is best to think in advance what may be needed.

So, here are some tips on how to choose bathroom accessories.

Know your budget.

Without a doubt, it is always important to know what your budget is. This will allow you to choose the decor details that will suit your bathroom and fit within your budget. After all, it would really be unpleasant to “splurge” money and regret it later. So, plan your budget well and buy good quality bathroom accessories at an affordable price.

Bathroom decoration: what to know when choosing?

Know what you need.

Before you shop, make sure you already know what you really need. Take a look at your bathroom and check what’s missing there. Also, think about how much of the items you need to use and don’t buy the ones you won’t use. Buy only important and used items.

Do not think about brands.

You really shouldn’t think about brands when buying bathroom accessories. Most people think that if a brand is popular, it will be the best choice. However, there are a number of cases where items from a popular brand are not of the highest quality. Take a close look and take an interest in each item. Also, make sure that the function of the goods you are going to buy really meets your needs.

Bathroom decoration: what to know when choosing?

Find inexpensive good quality items.

Another misconception of buyers is that goods that cost more are inherently better. In fact, there are many cheap and even better quality items. So, be a smart buyer. Carefully review product details and prices to purchase a good item at an affordable price.

View the available space.

If your bathroom is small, often small details of decor at first glance can take up a lot of space. So, review the space available to avoid accidentally buying items that will only unnecessarily obscure your bathroom. Remember, the most important thing is the function, not the appearance.

Give priority to essential items.

Not all items in the bathroom are really important. Buy the things you need first, and only then buy the ones you need less. Don’t forget to buy sinks, faucets, showers, floor drains, etc. Also, make sure they fit the overall style of the bathroom.

Select suitable faucets and shower heads.

Make sure faucets and shower heads complement your bathroom fixtures. If you have a simple sink and bathtub, use faucets and shower heads in a similar style to maintain the modern look of your bathroom. If your fixtures are ornate, it is advisable to purchase combinations of porcelain and brass, thus maintaining the traditional image. Also, don’t forget to look at the efficiency of your chosen faucets and shower heads.

Bathroom decoration: what to know when choosing?

Choose a simple style or neutral colors.

If you plan to change the look of your bathroom from time to time, it would be wise to use neutral colors and simple styles. This way, you won’t have to buy new accessories every time you want to renovate your bathroom. For example, buy a simple porcelain bath, toilet, and sink.

Choose the lighting well.

Some may not consider lighting an accessory, but all would agree with its importance. Lighting is an infinitely significant thing that can change the whole mood of a bathroom. Choose lighting that will not only illuminate but also decorate the bathroom. You can use pendant or wall lamps – it all depends on the size of the bathroom.

 Buy other toiletries.

Once purchased, you can now add other bathroom accessories such as a soap dish, toothbrush holder, towel rack, shower curtains, and more. But don’t put on the ones you don’t really need as it will just clog your bathroom and make it look crowded.

 When buying toiletries, think about whether what you are going to buy is really valuable. Always consider the condition of your bathroom, the space available, the budget available and the features of the items you need. Also check not only the quality of the goods, but also whether there is a warranty. The design concept of the bathroom is also an important aspect – think about whether it is a modern and contemporary or a traditional bathroom. The information available about the items you purchase is also very important in choosing the best bathroom accessories.

Suspended ceilings and stretch ceilings lighting for an exclusive interior

Suspended ceilings with lighting are an opportunity not only to illuminate the room where this type of ceiling is installed, but also the opportunity to express your imagination and thus create a very impressive interior design that will make your home exclusive. Here are some lighting ideas to help you choose both the type of stretch ceiling and their lighting method.

Stretch ceilings with recessed LED lighting

It is the simplest and most popular stretch ceiling lighting, which, like white matte ceilings, can be called a classic. It goes well with matte, satin or glossy stretch ceilings and perfectly performs its main function, i. perfectly illuminates the room.

Why is this stretch ceiling lighting called recessed? This is due to the fact that round LED luminaires built into pre-made holes in the stretch ceiling almost do not protrude from the PVC film underneath.

Stretch ceilings with linear LED lighting

This ceiling lighting solution uses LED strips that are combined with various types of stretch ceilings. They can be installed both under the PVC film and flush with it. We can use the LED strip in several ways.

“Floating” stretch ceilings

The ceiling is called “floating” because it gives the impression that the ceiling is not attached. When choosing this stretch ceiling lighting, matte stretch ceilings are usually used, after which linear LED lighting is attached. It is mounted on the perimeter of the stretch ceiling.

“Sliding” stretch ceilings

“Floating” ceilings are very similar to “floating” ceilings, as the lighting is mounted on the perimeter of the stretch ceiling. This lighting solution is characterized by the fact that the LED strips are mounted on the same level as the stretch ceiling. For this reason, the intersection of the PVC film and the LED strip is clearly visible, thus creating the effect of a “smooth” ceiling.

Why choose free-standing baths?

If you are considering installing a new bathtub in your bathroom, there are many reasons why a free-standing bathtub is a great choice.

We share their main advantages.

The charm and popularity of free-standing baths

We will not err in saying that the bathroom is no longer just a hygienic space. Now in the bathroom, as in other spaces of the house, you want to create a modern design that is nice and good to be in.

The aesthetics and elegance of free-standing baths are timeless. People have been using them for centuries as these devices are associated with luxury and grace. Modern consumers can now choose from a wider range than other types of baths, which is why these baths have become particularly popular in recent years. You can find free-standing baths of different sizes, shapes and colors on the market. These devices can become the main accent of the bathroom, which instantly catches the eye and creates an atmosphere of freshness and tranquility.

 Comfort and practicality

Nowadays, the focus is on stone mass and Silkstone material baths, which are extremely durable and long-lasting. With these baths, comfort accompanies every step: let’s start with the fact that their surface is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as you don’t hear the noise of the allowed water and enjoy the long-lasting warmth.

Easy installation of the bathroom

Freestanding baths are not glued, wall or floor mounted. You can build them almost anywhere – you have complete creative freedom. Due to the simple installation process of these baths, they have become one of the most preferred types of baths in five-star hotels and high-end apartments. When choosing a bathroom installation location, be sure to take care of the drainage system.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is especially important in the bathroom, but cleaning this space can sometimes be quite frustrating, due to the impractical design of many products. Having a free-standing bathtub will cause such problems less often. The dynamic design of these baths makes the equipment easier to maintain, as it is easier to reach and clean up any accumulated dirt.


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