‘Baltieva’ Autocentre extension

We were entrusted with the construction of an extension to the Kaunas ŠKODA Autocentre in Vieverių Street, Kaunas. The project, which was realised in the rhythm of the city, is important in the increasingly modern development of this Kaunas district. The building is distinguished by modern architectural solutions and is highly visible and noticeable. We are happy to be part of it. We thank the team for their dedication and professionalism, as well as all partners for their cooperation.

The functional scheme of the Autocentre and the existing site situation have influenced the clear shape of the Autocentre volume. The clear one-storey rectangular volume of the shop is accentuated from Veiverių Street and Mauručiai Street. The main façade and the entrance are accentuated by a Skoda entrance portico and aluminium glass panels.

The building is one-storey, with a mezzanine for administrative, domestic and technical premises, the main facade is oriented to Veiverių Street. It includes a car showroom. Entrances to the repair shop are designed on the Mauručių Street side. On the ground floor, car showrooms, repair and ancillary facilities are designed, with customer car reception and new car dispensing facilities designed between the showroom and the repair workshop. On the second floor, administrative, domestic and technical premises are designed, such as vent chambers, a compressor room and server rooms.