The first stage of reconstruction and modernization of Ramučiai Culture Center

We are pleased to announce that the first stage of the reconstruction and modernization of the multifunctional center has already been completed! Our “Baltic Steel” team renovated heating, electricity, water supply systems, installed fire and safety alarms, ventilation system.

We will share the results of the second stage of the project very soon!

Posted:8th of  September 2021.

Congratulations on the start of the school year!

September 1st is the day when children go down the school stairs for the first time or return to the science carousel after a break!

To help shine this festive day, the “Baltic Steel” team restored the Ramučiai Cultural Center!

We hope that the new premises will bring a lot of joy and that the little ones will take the first steps towards a new beginning!

Congratulations on the first of September!

Posted:1th of  September 2021.

State day of Lithuania

As we celebrate State Day, let us feel a special mood of communion and concentration that constantly accompanies each of us in all our ideas and actions.

Let the State Day, which annually reminds of Lithuania’s glorious past, does not allow us to forget that we are responsible for the future of our state. Let us be true patriots of your country!

Posted:6th of  July 2021.

The work of the “Lithuanian Baker” project have started!

We are proud of our team!

Thanks to the harmonious and purposeful work, the company won another project. We are trusted by the company UAB Lietuvos Kepėjas.

The first excavations have already begun!

Posted:10th of  June2021.

„Kaunas kindergarten – kindergarten “Šilinukas”

We would like to share with you the result of the capital repair of the successfully completed Kaunas kindergarten “Šilinukas”! The purpose of the building was not changed. On the outside, in the northern part, a new openwork ramp has been installed, which ensures access for people with disabilities to the building. The existing building consists of three parts. The two parts for education are two-storey and the third connecting part is one-storey.

In total, the building is equipped with 6 rooms for groups of pre-school children. Each of the groups consists of: dressing area, children’s bathroom, playroom, kitchenette, sleeping area / room.


Posted:20th of  May2021.

„KillerCustom“ Workshop

„Baltijos plienas“ starts Youtube series, where we will present our most interesting projects under construction and completion! We will share both behind-the-scenes construction, insights from construction managers, and feedback from project owners. In the first video, hear the comments of Killer Custom owner Klaudijus Štelmokas and the insights of Baltijos steel construction manager Gintautas Kuzmauskas.

Posted:16th of April 2021.

Day of Restitution of Independence of Lithuania

Let’s celebrate freedom! Let us appreciate what we already have, what we can be proud of and let us build the future of our State!

Posted:11th of March 2021.

Construction-commerlcial building

“Baltijos plienas” team will start another new project soon! Commercial building Partizanų st. 26, Kaunas. The height of the projected building is 8.5 m, the total area is 846.58 m2.

Posted:17th of Fabrurary 2021.

Februrary 16-restoration of the State of Lithuania

February 16 is a special day in the history of our country. It symbolizes the strength, determination and unity of the nation and reminds us every year that the most precious asset of the nation is freedom.

Let’s celebrate February 16 with joy in our hearts!

Posted:16th of Fabrurary 2021.

Museum “The Lost Shtetl”

One of the biggest challenges for UAB Baltijos Plienas is the technical maintenance and Fidic engineer expertise in unique globally project, which is built in Lithuania – the most modern technologies based, Litvak towns history, culture and remembrance museum – The Lost Shtetl.

The Lost Shtetl Museum will be opened by 2022, in Šeduva, Radviliškis state. Here you‘ll see a recreation of life in a once one of the biggest Jewish diaspora towns. True historical example of Jewish people who lived in Šeduva will be used to represent a typical Lithuanian Jewish family life, traditions, value of Litvak education; cultural, social and political movements; businesses and leisure. Museum visitors will get to know with a tragic Lithuanian and Šeduva part of history, where during The Second World War, countless Jewish lives of Shtetl were suddenly lost in one of the three nearby areas of Holocaust.

The architectural solution for the project was created by Finnish company Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects. The lead architect of the project is Rainer Mahlamäki, Professor of Modern Architecture at the University of Oulu, Finland and Dean of the School of Architecture.

The construction project is led by the Swiss company Ecas AG, whose work is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Experts RICS, the world’s leading organization of real estate and construction professionals, known for its extremely high standards of performance and ethics.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the winner of numerous awards for the best museums, memorials and programs on national heritage, takes care of the installation of the Lost Shtetl Museum in Šeduva. Its specialists have designed nearly 700 museums and other cultural sites around the world, including the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, the Holocaust Museum in Houston, and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in London.

The team of UAB „Baltijos plienas“ is proud to be able to contribute to the implementation of this project with its knowledge and active work!

Posted:28th of January 2021.

Two-storey residential house

The rounded details of the building retrospect the architecture of Kaunas modernism.

We share the panorama of the entrusted project!

 Posted:12th of January 2021.

Happy holidays!

Now more than ever, we want to wish for patience and health.

Meet the holidays safely!

We wish you a cozy and bright most beautiful holidays of the year!

Posted:25th of December, 2020.

New project in Kaunas

UAB „Baltijos plieno“ team starts with a new project in Kaunas, Kruonio street 29.

Posted:20th of October, 2020.

Kaunas Technical Training Center

In September, we started the reconstruction of Kaunas Technical Vocational Training Center!

It is fun to contribute to the well-being of the younger generation of professionals.

The building is being reconstructed by completely dismantling the existing sawmill structures.

The entrance to the building leads to a spacious lobby with a staircase and an elevator. A practical training workshop is planned on the first floor of the building. The tool room and teachers’ workplace are blocked next to them. There are also planned changing rooms and technical rooms on the ground floor.

It is planned that the training in the building under construction will take place in two shifts, 45 students in one shift.

Four classes are planned on the second floor of the building: two theoretical training classes with 30 places and two classes with 15 computerized places. A teachers’ room for 5 vocational teachers, a quality manager’s office and an archive are planned.

Posted:9th of September, 2020.

Reconstruction of Ramučiai Culture Center

Today Ramučiai Culture Center has said goodbye to their old building to give its reconstruction work to Baltijos Plienas.

We are thankful for shown trust and opportunity to become part of the reconstruction project. We’re also thankful for Kaunas state mayor – V. Makūnas for the symbolic helmet!

Work starts with reconstructing the old building  – it will be used as a primary school for grade 1-4 students, pre-schoolers and dining room for students.

Leisure room floor renovation will allow to expand activities from events to some indoor sports also.

Library will be expanded, as well as a new access for disabled will be put in place.  

Posted:14th of July, 2020.

Baltijos Plienas Won 3 Projects in Kaunas

New projects will be put to Facebook and Instagram soon!

We’re starting 3 projects: Kaunas kindergarden “Šilinukas”, Ramūčių house of culture, house for social people groups.

We are proud to contribute to the beautiful city of Kaunas!

Posted: 13th of July, 2020.

Progress of a one-room apartment in Kaunas

We are glad to confirm that we adhere to all planned one-apartment residential houses in Šviesos str. 10, Kaunas, construction work schedule!

Posted: 9th of July, 2020.

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