The new shopping park welcomes customers not only with a variety of shops and service outlets, but also with a green environment. This A++ energy class facility is also distinguished by its eco-friendly and innovative energy saving solutions.

Mature trees that were previously growing on the UNA site and cherished by the surrounding residents have been returned to the UNA Shopping Park. “During the construction of UNA, we made a unique effort to preserve the trees that grew here, which were dug up with special modern machinery and moved to a temporary “hotel” on an adjacent plot for the duration of the construction period, and then returned after the completion of the construction. As a result, mature trees up to 20 m tall are now growing next to the retail park building,” says Artūras Treikauskas, Project Manager of ‘Baltijos plienas’. – These innovative solutions are also in line with the overall development concept of Vilnius, which aims to make the city as green and environmentally friendly as possible.”
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