‘Chemsys’ warehouse building with administrative premises

Thanks to the professional work of our team, the warehouse building with administrative premises has seen the light of day. The project is distinguished by its attention to energy efficiency, high quality of construction work and rational solutions. The building has different areas for different purposes: warehouse, staff quarters, recreation and administrative areas.
Together with the client, UAB Chemsys, we are delighted with the successful completion of construction and commissioning of this project!

A building for warehousing purposes with administrative premises, the total area of the building is 1950 square metres.Of this, 307 square metres are administrative premises and the remainder (1 643 square metres) is warehouse space.

The administrative premises include a reception area, three offices, a director’s office, a meeting room, a kitchenette, a boiler room, a corridor, and a large space for an office.The warehouse is intended for the storage of non-combustible materials such as sand, soil, salt and water treatment equipment. The building is one storey with a mezzanine, single-storey.