Commercial building, Partizanų g. 26, Kaunas

The design is for a rectangular, jagged-shaped commercial building with changing heights. The ground volume of the proposed building is two storeys high, with a basement under part of the building for technical premises. The main facades of the commercial building are oriented towards Partizanos and Birželio 23rd Street. The volume on the second floor is formed only over part of the building. A skylight is installed along the entire roof plane of the lower part of the building to illuminate the premises. Vertical subdivision of the building cladding is used on all façades.


The height of the proposed building is 8.5 m, the total floor area is 846.58 m2. The roof is a hipped roof, with two layers of adhesive rolled bitumen roofing. The façade of the building is clad in grey aluminium triple-layer composite panels with aluminium glass structures.


Two main entrances to the building are planned for different premises on the north side of the building on the Partizan Street side.

On the south-eastern side of the building, an auxiliary entrance to the warehouse area is designed.
Two accesses to the warehouses for delivery/removal of goods shall be designed on the south-western side from the car park.