Single-apartment dwelling house

Space for car parking shall be provided under the common roof structure of the single-family house. The layout of the house has been designed in such a way that the house is functionally divided into living spaces (sleeping areas) and communal areas. The common areas are oriented towards the courtyard.


External walls – The walls of the building are made of three-layer monolithic reinforced concrete. The load-bearing part of the wall is 160 mm thick and the finishing part is 120 mm thick. The gap between the walls shall be filled with FF-PIR thermal insulation boards, 200 mm thick. The wall outside and supporting the garage slab is 480 mm thick.


Foundations – Drilled pile foundations, 350mm in diameter and 3.00m long. Monolithic rosters with monolithic headers shall be installed on the drilled piles. The monolithic trusses shall be installed on monolithic headers which shall be cast on the drilled piles. The rostrum shall be fitted with insertion fittings as well as reinforcing bars (anchors) for the monolithic walls.

Cladding. The monolithic beams and slab shall be cast in concrete of strength class C30/37. The monolithic beams and slab shall be reinforced with reinforcing bars of strength class S500. The monolithic beams shall be fitted with metal inserts for the connection of the columns.