Size of the territory

4.7556 ha

Density of development



127 451,00 m2

New construction of a commercial building, Dangeručio g. 1, Vilnius

The concept of the building dictates that as many commercial spaces as possible should have separate, direct entrances from the outside. The main entrances of the building are oriented towards the large car park on the west side. The western car park gives access to a courtyard/smaller car park to which the other main entrances of the building are oriented.


The volumetric-spatial composition of the commercial building is of an irregular U-shape. The projected mezzanine runs in the southern part of the building along the façade adjacent to the courtyard. The roof of the building is single pitched. As most of the shops are designed with direct access from the outside, there is no single main entrance. The inner courtyard is thus the main corridor of the shopping centre.


The design of the building will use modern materials to create a new identity for the area.

Horizontally mounted multilayered façade panels are to be used for the base of the external facades

The main accent of the building is on the Molėtai highway. Triangular elements of exposed metal structures dominate along the length of the building, forming a clear street layout and giving the area an innovative, clean identity.

In order to use more greening measures, the eastern façade of the building is covered with vertical plantings of five-leaved vines.